Help save the Trees.

There are people out there in ciber space actively doing one environmental good deed a day. They are putting a message at the end of each and every email message they send out. Please help save the trees by not printing your emails but only when necessary.
This environmental message sends out a request and a reminder to use less paper by forgoing unnecessary printing. It started off in March of this year that an environmental Website called started encouraging their readers to add this message at the end of each of their emails. This can be done by adding to the automatic email signatures.
The message has been spreading across the Internet for one popular media giant News Corporation. It has been spreading so fast that construction firms, architects, even accountants have started to adopt into the project. There is available through Greenprint Technologies sells software that will eliminate unnecessary pages before printing.

There is a lot of unnecessary advertisements that are mailed out daily to residents all over the country of which most of it has landed in land fills. Also there are a lot of people who do not believe in recycling their garbage. This is another large paper waste that goes into these landfills.

Some items that you can recycle right in your own home. Here is a few listed items.
That anyone as an individual can recycle. Newspapers, spools from your paper towels and toilet tissues, and carboard boxes example cereal boxes are a big waste for they provide more solid recycle material than do the newspapers. Anything made with cardboard are a good item to recycle.

In our city we have blue plastic bags to put our recycables in. Soup cans all glass bottlers , soda cans and metal articles also can be included. Sometimes it may requires cleaning them before disposing into the recycle bags but you wouldn't believe how much less your solid uncycled materials will deplete. Saving on garbage bags and on landfills.
In California they even recycle diapers. Go figure.

Just by checking your own materials that are put into your garbage weekly will also save a lot of waste. Each of us should think about these suggestions and set up a recycle sort in our own homes. It will surprise you on how much you put into those landfills that could have been recycled?

I've asked several job agencies to not mail me any job openings but to email me instead of using stamps and paper. Do you think anyone listened to me? They never emailed me only once or twice all the other correspondences were by mail at the tax payers expense.

From my personnel view point. If each one of us would do our part as a community. You would see less wast and more awareness of our own recycling programs.
This a lone will create a great environmental savings of more than just trees.

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