Grass clippings.

Grass clippings. Grass clipping through into the street is unlawful because it clogs the catch basins that could potential cause flooding or pollutians into streams.

Some people have been known to sweep their grass clippings into the street.
It's just to let people know that clippings can cause flooding by clogging up basins.

This helps your area keep from flooding or getting your sewer drain cleaned out.
It could even cause sewer backage. This is another perventive measure for the local community to participate in.
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Recycle cloth diapers.

Recycle cloth diapers.  Cloth diapers helps reduce our landfills waste and toxic chemical exposure to babies.  These are reusable for other children in passing them down..
Frugality will save you money in the long run.  Sure you have to wash them but think of the waste your keeping from these landfills.
Disposable diapers can really add up when you have two kids still wearing them.  It's up to you to make that decision on your own.
You could even go eco friendly by hanging them outside on a clothesline.  If you have to count those monies this is an easy but workable changing to cloth diapers.
Here is the website to buy cloth diapers.  Maybe after you have tried using them you could leave a comment. it would be nice.

For further information contact..
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