Recycling saves trees.

Girl Scout Cookies are safe to eat.

Girl Scout Cookies are safe to eat. Because of the resent news about peanut butter
salmonella out break has caused concern during the Girl Scout cook sales.
So start stacking up on all those cookies.

Peter Pan Peanut Butter is OK and safe.
Health official are focusing on 30 companies out of 85 associated with Georgia plant.
Check this website for further information on the list at the Georgia plant.

Recyle those sleds.

This American Flyer is in the "Flexible" tradition.

Historical note:

In the 1880s, Samuel Leeds Allen invented the first steerable runner sled, the Flexible Flyer. Since that date, the ability to steer the sled away from obstacles has proven this type of sled to be more appropriate for the safety conscious. In addition, runner sleds force the weight of the rider onto two thin runners where the pressure causes a microscopic film of snow or ice to melt as the sled passes over it. This invisible layer of fluid reduces friction, causing the sled's speed to greatly exceed that of its flat bottomed relatives. Some people who sled sometimes use ramps or jumps to increase the danger or fun factor of sledding. In some cases, the ramp or jump may send the participant over objects such as fences, boxes, plants, benches.

Recycle those sleds. Recycle those sleds for sledding. You need no batteries.
Just find a neighing park or hills that have few trees than start sledding.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out, how to slide down a hill with a sled? Lesson are common sense abilities. We don't have to explain the law of physics to understand how a sled operates .
There has been a large increase of fathers passing themselves off as sledders.
They usually put their two or four on the sled to disguise themselves if anyone they know is watching. You know the saying how man think their to big to go sledding.
So they put their kids on the sled with them.
Sledding is free and no age limit for it. It's a fun activity for the whole family can enjoy.
Here are some sledding rules of safety.
Sled in designated areas that are free of trees, fences, post or any other forms of objects.

Warning do not sled were there are streets, drop offs, parking lots, river or pond that slops into at the bottom of the hill.

Positioning yourself on the sled is very important to prevent injuries.
sit in a forward position, steer with your feet or with a rope tied to the steering handles of the sled.

Never go head first on the sled this is dangerous.

For added protection use helmets, gloves, and wear layers of clothing
Sleds are important the type you use.

Do not use any sleds made out of plastic or materials that can be easily pierced by objects that are on the ground can be dangerous.

Use sleds that have runners and steering mechanism their safer than toboggans or snow disks.
More people are taking up sledding more as an outdoor activity.
Good advice to have an adult supervisor to make sure that the children are safe.
Until they are old enough to understand and apple the rules of safety.

Bottle caps always remove.

Bottle caps always remove when recycling.

Please take off cap on plastic bottles.

Please take off cap on plastic bottles.
It's important to take off all caps from your recycled bottles.
Because some caps cannot be recycled because some are made from
different plastic materials.
It can be dangerous for the recycle worker. They could explode during processing.