Rubik's cube is considered a green toy.

Rubik's cube is considered a green toy. No batteries require just hand movements.
It's complicated that in a sense it will take time to solve the puzzle.
It just turned 30 years old created by Erno Rubik. His tinkering with a puzzle lead to the brain twister toy, called the Rubik's Cube. This toy will help keep any kid
occupied for several hours or more. Green is this toy for any kid looking for a puzzle to solve.
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Light Bulbs new in europe.

Light Bulbs new in European. These new incandescent LED tech new light bulbs. They are laden with mercury which when disposed of end up in landfills..
They should be recycled because of this dangerous Mercury.

Most light bulbs come in different watts use a lower wattage like 40 or lower.
The lower the wattage the less energy used.

There is danger associated with this newer light bulb.
There are more safer bulbs to use that will save you more.

Another danger is they can explode due to the filaments. The regular light bulbs are more safer to use. Make the right choice be safe.

Grass clippings.

Grass clippings. Grass clipping through into the street is unlawful because it clogs the catch basins that could potential cause flooding or pollutians into streams.

Some people have been known to sweep their grass clippings into the street.
It's just to let people know that clippings can cause flooding by clogging up basins.

This helps your area keep from flooding or getting your sewer drain cleaned out.
It could even cause sewer backage. This is another perventive measure for the local community to participate in.
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Recycle cloth diapers.

Recycle cloth diapers.  Cloth diapers helps reduce our landfills waste and toxic chemical exposure to babies.  These are reusable for other children in passing them down..
Frugality will save you money in the long run.  Sure you have to wash them but think of the waste your keeping from these landfills.
Disposable diapers can really add up when you have two kids still wearing them.  It's up to you to make that decision on your own.
You could even go eco friendly by hanging them outside on a clothesline.  If you have to count those monies this is an easy but workable changing to cloth diapers.
Here is the website to buy cloth diapers.  Maybe after you have tried using them you could leave a comment. it would be nice.

For further information contact..
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Clothsline kits sold in Vermont.

Clotheslines kits sold in Vermont. The Bakers family sale three types of clothesline's. Prices range starting at $95. up to $195. with the longest length at 100 feet.
Drying your cloths on clotheslines made with made with environmental friendly materials that are weather resistant and rot resistant cedar that is used for the clothesline posts.

The kits include everything you need to put up the posts and install it.
Hanging out your cloths will save you energy and the saving will pay for the kits.
It will give your cloths that fresh air smell and the sun will brighten them as well.
This is a family run business that produces these clothesline kits.

When i was a kid yes, its true i once was a kid. i wanted to build a tent for me and my sisters and brothers to sleep out at night. So i put sheets over the cloths lines for a tent. It was fun.

This is an energy saving product and you can get some exercise out of it as the same time.

Brown bags used for kids and adults lunches.

Brown bags used for kides and adult lunches. Brown bags being replaced with totes that are stylish and
reusable. Even using these for work gives a fashion statement but this also replaces the use of paper brown bags. These tots are eco friendly for reusable plus less paper waste.
Some tots include a indention on some of them for attacthing a reusable bottles or containers. Their durable and practicle use portable for easy handling. There is a sytle taht will fit almost anyones taste.
Most totes are insulated to help keep food hot or cold. Some have added compartments to either stash your eating utensils, beverages and othe items. They can be easily cleaned either by machine or hand wash.

collapsing geography: new blog

collapsing geography: new blog

Green generation of kids.

Green generation of kids. kids are going green by getting their parents to participate in saving the planet. Most of them know that their parents need their
help in paying attention to every kind of wasted items or products.

Green recycling is a global issue and concern for the future of planet earth.
Their are banners available to stick on your bumpers or other unrestricted areas.

One such banner says drive 55 mph will slow down global warming. This banner encourages families to buy those hybrid automobiles.

Their bringing attention to energy efficient appliances. Even parents are listening more to their kids, one such father when he was adding an addition to his house. His son recommended high performing insulation that now saves him on his energy bills. It really does pay to listen.

* Compact fluorescent light bulbs save big on electric.
* Rain barrels collect water for reuse in watering gardens and flower beds.
* Recycling cabinets from a housing project along with other items.
* Buying appliances for your house that are tagged with an Energy savings on the
* Saving the trees by eliminating paper items either used for cleaning or purchasing
magazines which a lot of times end up in landfills.
* Having recycling containers that are marked or colored to hold items such as
bottles both plastic and glass. Soda cans and bottles. Make sure you remove their
* Plants also can be recycled from anyone yard and put out for someone to take for
* Almost anything can be recycled if you really think about it.

Eco Friendly websites for kids.

American the Beautiful Fund
this website offers kids free flower and vegetable seeds for community planting projects.
The only cost is for shipping and handling.

Ducks are nesting in playgrounds.

Ducks are nesting in playgrounds. They found a mother duck nesting under the playground slide. While kids are out for recession. The school put yellow tap around the steps but
that hasn't deterred the kids from feeding her popcorn and giving her water. The kids just love the way she catching the popcorn when they throw it to her.
Most of the younger children go and check to see how she is doing.
They have pictures hanging up of the duck and her 11 eggs in the cafetaria. They are excited about the ducklings hatching. It has become a school item because yearly its the same duck
that has made her nesting by returning every year.
She couldn't have picked a better spot for hatching because of all the TLC she gets from the kids.
Caution ducks nesting.

This is a good thing.

Hula hoops are a popular activity.

Hula hoops are a popular activity. Don't through those hula hoops away.
Recycle them or just give them to some kid in the neighborhood.
This is a fun activity for all ages.

Plants are recyclable.

Plants are recyclable. If you are getting your yards landscaped and need to get ride of them. Some of your plants can be recycle them. You can put a sign up in your yard giving permission to take certain plants. They either can dig them up or you can just put them out in front for someone to pick up.
Maybe you have a tree that isn't to big that also can be picked up.
Your putting in a patio and don't need the grass so the sod can be taken up and reused.
Even house plants can be recycled either because your moving or you just want to get all new plants someone out there would appreciate getting them.

These are just a few ideas on how to handle giving the plants away or even selling them?
It all depends on how you want to recycle them. Maybe tell your friends they might like taking them off your hands. Just recycling them will put those plants or brushes in good use.

There are a lot of families that cannot afford their yards landscaped but brushes or other plants can get new life from being recycled to someone that will take care of them.
This is a good thing.

Rain barrels used to recycle rain water.

Rain barrels used to recycle rain water. What is a Rain Barrel system?
The system collects and stores rainwater run off from the roof. This will divert water run off from getting into storm drains and streams.
It's easy to install just by directing the downspout from the homes gutter by attacking it to the rain barrel. Than it will collect rainwater that reducing the amount of water that gets in to sewer systems by helping conserve water usage.

Lets preserve our natural resources.

Lets preserve our natural resources. State legislators need reminding.During budget cuts legislators need reminding about inclusion of monies for the protection of our natural resources. Most of their constituents have it in their hearts and minds in the preservation of all the states
natural resources protection.
Programs that need to be made into law is critical this provide enforcement of
states conservation efforts. These conservation in energy dependence on oil and
and coal should be supportive of Energy independence funds used for implementation and staffing.
This program will insure that businesses, local communities and their institutions will benefit from by us protecting our states natural resources. By investing in our states natural resources programs. It will be money well spent and we will reap dividends besides. This is a good thing.

Police held auctions.

Police held auctions. These police auctions are held once a year in most cities across the country. Police auctions are held by their department and the municipal services department also. Most items were either found or were stolen and never
claimed than an auction is held to raise funds that will be put into the police department funds.
These items could be considered recycled because their still usable and
can be obtain for a good price. Here is a listing of some items you may find
being auctioned.
cars, all-terrain vehicles, digital cameras, bicycles all makes and sizes, printers,
computers, fax machines, children's toys and many other types of items.
If you buy something take notice; they only except local checks or cash.
Many of the items are in good condition but you do have to take them as is.
So yearly you can check out your local police auctions in cities nearest you.
Good luck. You just might find a treasurer for yourself.
This is a great way to recycle and item by keeping it from the landfills.
This is a good thing.


I will be adding more sites to the listimg.

Arbor Day Foundation offers 10 free trees.

Arbor Day Foundation is offering 10 free trees with membership. The nonprofit foundation's Trees for America Campaign is a program dedicated to the environmental stewardship by the planting of trees. By joining the Arbor Day Foundation during the month of August new members will receive 10 free Colorado Blue Spruce trees.
These trees can be used as wind blockers for energy savings. The trees will be shipped Post Paid between October15th and December 10th in time for planting season.
They have a written guaranteed to grow or they will be replaced free of charge.
Also their height are 6 to 12inches. Included will be a book called "The Tree Book." It will explain about tree planting
and care. In order to receive the free trees.
send $10. membership contribution to the following address.
Ten Blue Spruces
Arbor Day Foundation
100 Arbor Avenue
Nebraska City, NE 68401

Family times spent sledding.

Family times spent sledding. Fathers and mothers braving the cold elements for some outdoor winter family fun. Sisters and brothers climbing up the hill to slide down on their sleds.
Not to mention snowboarding is another fairly new winter sport. It's sort of like skiing on one board instead of two. You may find them actively on a hill in some park near you. It's another winter fun activity for all.
Just being with your kids will bring out the kid in you.
Try it you just might like it.

Frugal cleaning tips.

Frugal cleaning tips. You cam make your own cleaning solutions for any household cleaning jobs. It will eliminate storage of toxic chemicals in your home. If you have small children chemicals are harmful if swallowed. This will be safer for them and you.
Most cleaners for windows and floors can be expensive at the stores by making your own solutions will save you money.
The ingredients you will be able to find in your house. The Internet has information sites that will give you more expert information.
If you can save on cleaning solutions than why not make your own ego friendly?
Books you can find household cleaning solutions:
The Urban Homestead written by Kelly Coyne and co author Erick Knutzen. It is a guide to self sufficient living in the heart of the city. This book contains recipes for those cleaning solutions.
These main ingredients all contain mainly the same solutions are the following:
White vinegar distilled used as a disinfectant and deodorant.
Baking Soda used as a deodorant and mild abrasive.
Castile soap its made from 100 percent vegetable oil.
Using all three of these ingredients you will be able to clean your toilets, windows, tubs,sinks and floors.
By adding a touch of lemon as a disinfectant plus a dash of olive oil lubricant.
You will be able to put a shine to dinning room table.
Toxic if using borx for your tub scum ring. It is considered dangerous if swallow but does do the job.
Containers to put the liquid solutions could use plastic milk containers.
Recycle motto reduce-reuse-recycle.
House cleaning book reference called "Knack Clean Home Green Home", written by Kimberly Delaney's.

General Purpose cleaner.
Mix one-third cup of Borax with one gallon of warm water. than add one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon of ammonia.

Wooden floor cleaner.
Mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 of vegetable oil.

Shower cleaner solution.
Mix 1/4 of Lysol or other alternative cleaner with a 1/2 cup of isoproply alcohol and water.

Chrome Cleaner.
Use toothpaste or crumbled up aluminum foil.

Glass Cleaner.
Just use plain white vinegar and corn starch for shiny windows.


California firm recycles coal fly ash to make bricks.

California firm recycles coal fly ash to make bricks. Recycled coal fly ash made from the by products of a Power Plant will be used for making these bricks. The company also will be creating new jobs in the processing.

CalStar Cement associates are planning on starting production with zero emissions using WE Energies fly ash coals by product from its Oak Creek Power Plant.

This brick is much stronger than the conventional brick and they are far more environmental friendly. The brick is neither made from cement nor clay elements.
This is the first fly ash brick manufacturing facility of its kind in the country.

Luke Pustejovsky CalStar's vice president of business development. The reasons they chose We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant in the state of Wisconsin is because of their proposal submission and screening their offers that were made. They screened them by their utilities for fly ash volume, quality and proximity to
location of their manufacturing plant. There were a total of 35 applicants from different Midwestern states who applied. We Energies were chosen because their offer was the best proposal made.

The company is from California's Silicon Valley that will set up their first manufacturing fly ash brick producing plant. Our economy is in transition and this is prove that its one of the turning points of the future of manufacturing
with using recyclable materials such as fly ash from power plants. The company is also creating new jobs.
This material is considered subtainable for construction. Their companies start up capital expenditures will run around $8 million compared to other brick start up companies of $55 million quite a jump in cost comparing to the savings. There will be setup 25 distrubuters in the chicago market.
Bricks will come in natural buff color of cream City tint found in this area plus up to 8 or 10 other tinted colors.
In the development lab there could be in the near future other by products created from fly ash.
This is a good thing.

Clay pots need to be cleaned.

Clay pots need to be cleaned before spring planting. Clay pots need to be washed and scrubbed with bleach and rinsed in water before replanting flowers. Let them dry in the sun.
The discarded old soil from the pots can be recycled and thrown into a compost pile or used in your flower beds.
During the winter months store the clay pots in a dry area like the garage so they won't crack during the first frost.
If the clay pots get cracked brake them up and use them to provide drainage for your plants. Put the pieces at the bottom of the pot and cover with soil.
You should have healthy flowers spouting up out of your clay pots.

adults discovery free physical activity.

Adults between the ages of 30 up to 60 are partcipating in the exercise program. Program sponsors for a set fee physical actiavities are dodgeball, floor hockey, scatterball, wiffleball, kickball, dodgeball and spider ball with some frisbee throughs. These games were played in the Old School Physical Ed programs.
The program lasts two hours exercising by rotateing the games. Every week the teens are doing something different.
Union Grove's physical ed program is modeled after the Old School House Program in New Port New Hampsire.
It's a good way to meet people while getting exercise at eh the same time.
The groups are made up of adults and teens who get together utilizing elementary school gyms.
The program was modeled after the website see for further information on setting up your own program. There are fees involved to cover expenses and hiring a physical educational teacher to select commissioners to handle the games and instructions.

Put pedal to the power.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike: Sports & Outdoors
Put pedal to the power. Kids or family members don't have to be driven all over using up most of your gas consumption. Hey given a bicycle and protective gear like a bike helmet and knee protectors and away we go.
Hello! I used to ride my bike to school in the mornings. my school provided a bicycle enclosure for when it rained or snowed. I didn't feel neglected because my parents didn't drive me or my siblings either. We enjoyed taking our bikes to school.
During the weekends getting on my bike and taking off to parts unknown in my neighborhood. It was freedom to explore and have fun ridding with my friends.
We would go to the play grounds or just hang out with each other. Getting exercise outside fresh air all of these are free no gas needed. Go figure. Kids don't know how to have fun without batteries included or setting in front of the tv tube all day long. They don't know what their missing out on.
Even when I had to walk to school it was fun. Calling on my friend on the way.
Talking just about anything.
This was a time when having a bag full of marbles made me a very important person in the school play ground. Yes, that is why every other day I would go to the grocery store to get you guessed it more marbles. You were considered a very important person.

The class spelling buzzes that the teacher held teams were relaying on you to not to miss spell a word. Hey, I studied those spelling lists. I am no fool it was a team effort to win.

Summer time was any other traveling around with your bike. The play grounds always held a doll buggy parade which they gave you cray paper to decorate your bikes, wagons and oh yes buggies. The parades were great fun people would watch you ride your decorated bikes what fun. I haven' seen a doll buggy parade in years.

Winter was no different the ice rinks were crowed and kids skated until the lights went out at 10 O'clock each night. I know because I was on the ice all day until the rink closed. I even skated in the street to and from the rink until one of my friends told me it ruined my blades. That was the Christmas that i got my first pair of skates.

Wrap vintage lights on a bike or little red wagon try these string of lights.
Solar powered strands of colorful string of lights can dress up any holiday season.
These can add glize to any old country decor by stringing lights to vintage bikes or wagons. Bicycle string of solar lights.

Kindle 2 reader new from Amazon.

Kindle 2 reader new from Amazon.

Amazon Kindle reader on cell phones.

Amazon has annouced they are soon going to be offering books on mobile cell phones.

Recycle your hangers.

Recycle your hangers. You can take them to a near by dry cleaners or put them in the recycle bag or can even put them in good will or sale them in a rummage sale.
If you have little children teach them while their still young. Have each can a different color for the soda bottles or cans, another color for paper and so on.
This will help not only for the child to learn his colors but to know were these recyclables items need to be put. You could make it a game out of recycling.
Put each name on a chart and the one who has recycled the most items correctly will get rewarded. The rewards can be going to the park or playing catch it doesn't have to be money. Each to they do this give them a sticker to put onto the chart.
What fun this can be but in the same manner teaches your child how important it is for everyone to recycle.

Girl Scout Cookies are safe to eat.

Girl Scout Cookies are safe to eat. Because of the resent news about peanut butter
salmonella out break has caused concern during the Girl Scout cook sales.
So start stacking up on all those cookies.

Peter Pan Peanut Butter is OK and safe.
Health official are focusing on 30 companies out of 85 associated with Georgia plant.
Check this website for further information on the list at the Georgia plant.

Recyle those sleds.

This American Flyer is in the "Flexible" tradition.

Historical note:

In the 1880s, Samuel Leeds Allen invented the first steerable runner sled, the Flexible Flyer. Since that date, the ability to steer the sled away from obstacles has proven this type of sled to be more appropriate for the safety conscious. In addition, runner sleds force the weight of the rider onto two thin runners where the pressure causes a microscopic film of snow or ice to melt as the sled passes over it. This invisible layer of fluid reduces friction, causing the sled's speed to greatly exceed that of its flat bottomed relatives. Some people who sled sometimes use ramps or jumps to increase the danger or fun factor of sledding. In some cases, the ramp or jump may send the participant over objects such as fences, boxes, plants, benches.

Recycle those sleds. Recycle those sleds for sledding. You need no batteries.
Just find a neighing park or hills that have few trees than start sledding.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out, how to slide down a hill with a sled? Lesson are common sense abilities. We don't have to explain the law of physics to understand how a sled operates .
There has been a large increase of fathers passing themselves off as sledders.
They usually put their two or four on the sled to disguise themselves if anyone they know is watching. You know the saying how man think their to big to go sledding.
So they put their kids on the sled with them.
Sledding is free and no age limit for it. It's a fun activity for the whole family can enjoy.
Here are some sledding rules of safety.
Sled in designated areas that are free of trees, fences, post or any other forms of objects.

Warning do not sled were there are streets, drop offs, parking lots, river or pond that slops into at the bottom of the hill.

Positioning yourself on the sled is very important to prevent injuries.
sit in a forward position, steer with your feet or with a rope tied to the steering handles of the sled.

Never go head first on the sled this is dangerous.

For added protection use helmets, gloves, and wear layers of clothing
Sleds are important the type you use.

Do not use any sleds made out of plastic or materials that can be easily pierced by objects that are on the ground can be dangerous.

Use sleds that have runners and steering mechanism their safer than toboggans or snow disks.
More people are taking up sledding more as an outdoor activity.
Good advice to have an adult supervisor to make sure that the children are safe.
Until they are old enough to understand and apple the rules of safety.

Bottle caps always remove.

Bottle caps always remove when recycling.

Please take off cap on plastic bottles.

Please take off cap on plastic bottles.
It's important to take off all caps from your recycled bottles.
Because some caps cannot be recycled because some are made from
different plastic materials.
It can be dangerous for the recycle worker. They could explode during processing.