Frosty the snow man.

Snow man are easy to build and their free to put in front of your house.
No electricity is required nor batteries to operate it. All that is needed is two hands and
rolling small snowballs into large ones. It will only take about an hour of your time.

Maybe include some kids in the neighbourhood to help build him or her.
The rest is up to you. You never know it just might turn out to be a fun activity the whole family and friends will enjoy. Is this an environmental project and the saving energy.
I think so.

I'll be looking out for all those snow man or her.

If you do get your kids those battery operated games. Why don't you invest in some rechargeable batteries? That will pay for itself in the long run. Also it will save you on gas
going to the store to buy them. WOW!

Shamwow replaces paper towels.

Shamwow replaces paper towels. This is another way to save on our trees.

Shamwow replaces paper towels.

Shamwow replaces paper towels. This is another way to save on our trees.
These towels are suppose to last for 10 years also their washable.
It can't get better than that.

Flat screen plasma vs lCD tvs.

Flat screen plasma tvs or Liquid Crystal Display tvs.
Which of these tvs models is more energy efficient.
Check if these two models are consider green in the eco environmental energy saving
The Plasma is considered by the non profit Electric Power Research Institute according to spokes person Tom Reddoch high in power usage.
The US Environmental Protection Agency LCD sets consume twice the amount of watts while the Plasma uses five times the watts of electriciy. It depends a lot on the size of the models screens.
Projection tvs show the lowest amount of energy usage than all the models.
In November of 2008 the us governement will start rewarding the most energy efficient new TV sets with a Energy Star labels. That will bear them must operate 30%
more eletrical efficience with their tv models.
You can still keep your old tv and just get a box converter before February 2009.
Remember by replaceing a good tv for a new model creates more pollution from disposimg of those toxic waste material that will evidently end up in a recycle junk dump yard. So if it doesn't need fixing than why dump it? Just invest in a new.
Contact information:
US Enivornmental Protection Agency
Energy Star:
Energy Power Research Institute
Sony Corp.:

Ocean is a floating dumping yard.

The Oceans are a floating dumping yard.
The Gulf of Mexico is referred by the Ocean Conservancy as a dead zone.
Mississippi River is a draining gallons of depreid into the Gulf of Mexico.

Refurbished computers are reusable.

Refurbished computer. Used computers a bargain basement prices.
By reusing these computers saves them from being taken apart for their materials.
Less energy consumption is used by not rebuilding them from scratch.
Is save the consumer money by buying it second hand.
Apple's operating systems will run on these older computer not so with windows systems.
When acquiring any type of computer it depends on what the reasons
your going to use it for? It just depends on your computer needs.
Sometimes its a good idea to get a used computer until you learn how to operate one.
Getting hands on experience will help you proguess to the more advance models.
You may have some younger children and could be used by them until they are more
experienced in using them. Besides kids sometimes get a little out of lack for use.

Recharge batteries for your electronics.

Rechargeable batteries for all your electronics.
Save by recharging.

Our oceans are turning into garbage dumps.

Our oceans are turning into garbage dumps. Floating plastic grocery bags and plastic bottles even glass ones.
These articles and others atmospherics chemicals have cause the raise of dead zones.
Their starting to ban plastic bags around the country at different retail and grocery stores.
Recommending the use of bags made out of natural materials that can be reusable.

for further information contact:
Ocean Conservancy:
Natural History magazine:

Recycle green tips.

Recycle green tip bits can help you daily in your efforts. You will continual be able to help our environmental problems.

More going green tips from iVillage!

Learn some new Go Green Tips from iVillage.

Recycling aluminum siding.

Recycle your old aluminum siding when replacing it with new. Why you may ask?
Because you can make some money plus off set the added replacement costs.
Some times just hiring a contractor can cut a lot of cost. If you help team up with the contractor he instructs while you help with the installation.

These two options should save you a lot of up front installatlon costs.
Before hiring a contractor drive around your community and find a house that hai recently been sided. Check with the owner to find out the name of the contractor.
This is finding out first hand about a contractors references.

Recycling plastic bottle caps.

Recycling plastic bottle caps. they can become a safety risk at the recycling process facilities. Bottles caps, lids and tops are not make out of the same plastic materials as the bottles or cans.
It's a good idea to separate the tops from bottles because of the danger for the recycle workers they could explode when the temperatures increases during the recycling processing.
Warning unscrew all caps and recycle separately. This will make it a lot safer for the workers and plastic materials being recycled.
Do this for all containers with lids,caps, and tops.
Thanks for coming by and reading my articles for recycling.
Appreciate your time.
It's a good thing.

Recycle bicycles and parts.

Recycle a bicycles, bicycle parts and miscellaneous tools for fixing them.
This is a great idea for your community to donate their used bicycles.
Than recycle them by giving them to the children who complete the program.
Earn a Bike Program for children in grades 5-8.

Than high school students will be employed to train and teach the elementary and middle school students participating in the after school programs giving instructions on, how to maintain their bicycles, completing safety course and doing community service along with submission of a book report.

Students completing the program will also get a helmet and lock for their bikes.
This such a great idea for any community in helping a child obtain their first bike
but teaching them the safety rules and showing them how to maintain it.

There are a lot of children out there that parents can't afford to buy their kid a bike. But with this earn a bike program helps these parents earn that bike.

For further information on this program that was started in our community
you can call (262) 595-2651 or send a email to
This program was offered through our unified after school program.
The host for the program is the Root River Environmental Educational center"Recycle a bicycle drive.

Donating bikes program sponsors AmeriCorps Vista Volunteers.
This is a good thing.

Recycle Boom! Boom!

Recycle the noise can be another environmental hazard.

Southern Vermont Orchards apparently there has been alot of booming.
Hails storms have devastated the apple crops for four years at a total
financial lost of $600,000.
The owner had no alterative but to purchase a $40,000. hail cannon
whose sound waves disrupt the formation of hailstones.
Hail causes scaring and can ruin the fruit or damage the fruit trees.
These remedies date back centuries historical.
The cannon is solar powered and is ignited by a spark plug. It can be activated by
a cell phone when hailstorms are for casted or approaching. It fires a blast every
six seconds up to 30 minutes at a time.
Does it work? Yes 100% percent.
The orchard manager has surrounded the cannon with straw to deter the noise.
Because the booms resident 45-decibel which is alot of boom for the buck.
but there is an old ordinance that protects the cannon under the Vermont's
right to farm.
Booms are vibrating the whole area around the valley.
Some residents have complained about the booms so he has discontinued them for the rest of the summer.
The farmer seems to be caught between an apple and a hard core.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Farmers aid need our help for the green.

Farm aid needs our help. Willie Nelson foundation will send $30,000 to different non profit groups that participate in helping farmers families in the Texas devastated areas that
were hit by hurricanes Ike and Gustav.

Native Texan Willie Nelson is sending $7500 grants to these designated agencies.
*** the Lutheran Social Services of the South.
*** the Southern Mutual Help Association
*** the Louisiana InterChurch Conference
*** the Federation of Southern Cooperatives.

Farm Aid Concert this years event will be held on September 20th in New England.
so plan to attend it would be greatly appreciated by the farmers families who need
your support. Farm Aid based in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Thanks for donating to a most needed cause the farmers.

TV's labeled green by consumers.

Green consumers recommend the liquid Crystal Display models use less energy than other
typical models. Projection TV models are considered the most energy efficient using 150 to 200 watts of electricity.
Some plasma TVs newest models don't turn off but go into a standby mode. T his in ables them to
start up faster with no warm up required.

Amazon has great books on green recyle topics.

put a widget from amazon books here.

Organic Farming.
Bio diesel fuel made out of mustard seed.
Processing the seed into oil takes a long time which processes a small amount of oil.
They must speed up the processing for it to take less time.
mustard seed is turned into liquid oil that will be substitute for fueling farmers machinery.
In processing this oil takes a long amount of time process amount of quantity.
Stanton Berry Farm grows organic strawberries through experimental processing.
they are using mustard waste materials as a natural bug resistant effort.

Sierra Club got a question for Mr. Green.

hey mr. green we got a question.

The guy who has been tackling peoples Green Living Questions is Bob Schildgen.
Bob has spindled a lot of common sense to his questions answered.
He has a large following in the Sierra Magazine column
He is one of the editors of the Sierra Club. He has gone out of his way to find answers.
Researching those environmental friendly solutions to peoples questions.
Searching for answers is no easy task.
Topics of all sorts he has been able to answer but not without looking it up in several
places. He not only looks the answers up but puts them to the test.
Testing can be done by his creating a garden in his backyard or planting a certain
plant to see, what kinds of weather effects it?
Boiling water to see which is more economical either to use gas or electric to heat the water. Which one is cost effective? Than there are questions that can be categories as off the wall or just impossible to answer.

Amazon Kindle reader.

Amazon Kindle reader is the hottest product on the market. This product is green friendly
by eliminating the use of paper. That is just one of the many environmental safe to our landfills.
Just accessing the daily newspapers from around the country will save on waste materials.
Reviews on this product are high and all are positive responses to this new electronic device.
If you like to read the latest novels or newspaper articles than this Kindle is for you.
This will also save you money on these different items.
what are you waiting for give it a try?
This is a good thing.

Gift wrappings.

Did you know? That most of your gift wrapping paper dyes and chemicals are not enivornmentally safe.
Here are some websites that have enivornmental friendly green eco gift wrappings available.

Made from recycled paper with vegetable based ink prints on a blend of hemp.
(Priced two sheets for $5.)
Made from tree barkings natural sheddings, the sheets have fabric like vibrant quality.
(Priced two sheets for $6.)
These reusable pouches are made from fancy fabric that come with an attached ribbon tie.
(Prices start at $4.49 up to $13.49)
Additional toppings:
Natural cotton Ribbon made from 100% biogradable.
Bundles holly berries, pinecones and even poinsettias.
(Priced at $4.99 for 10 yards of ribbon.)
Gift name tags:
They are made from biodegradable paper gift tags.
These come in three forms a tree, dove or star made from wildflower seeds,
that can be planted. You get free wildflower seeds for planting, not a bad idea.
(Priced $7.95 per dozen.)
* Used the classified ads (small type forms a pattern.) or comic strip for gift wrappings
* Fabic is a good gift wrapping.

Green environmental blogs.

Green environmental blogs are beginning to get the news media's attention.
There is starting to show some increase in web traffic. One such website that has drawn alot of that attention is . They offer
several posts per day from a large community of environmentalists. Their posting daily issues of environmental concern. These posts also give you tips.
Example: Providing ideas for light green living.