Clothsline kits sold in Vermont.

Clotheslines kits sold in Vermont. The Bakers family sale three types of clothesline's. Prices range starting at $95. up to $195. with the longest length at 100 feet.
Drying your cloths on clotheslines made with made with environmental friendly materials that are weather resistant and rot resistant cedar that is used for the clothesline posts.

The kits include everything you need to put up the posts and install it.
Hanging out your cloths will save you energy and the saving will pay for the kits.
It will give your cloths that fresh air smell and the sun will brighten them as well.
This is a family run business that produces these clothesline kits.

When i was a kid yes, its true i once was a kid. i wanted to build a tent for me and my sisters and brothers to sleep out at night. So i put sheets over the cloths lines for a tent. It was fun.

This is an energy saving product and you can get some exercise out of it as the same time.

Brown bags used for kids and adults lunches.

Brown bags used for kides and adult lunches. Brown bags being replaced with totes that are stylish and
reusable. Even using these for work gives a fashion statement but this also replaces the use of paper brown bags. These tots are eco friendly for reusable plus less paper waste.
Some tots include a indention on some of them for attacthing a reusable bottles or containers. Their durable and practicle use portable for easy handling. There is a sytle taht will fit almost anyones taste.
Most totes are insulated to help keep food hot or cold. Some have added compartments to either stash your eating utensils, beverages and othe items. They can be easily cleaned either by machine or hand wash.