VMW recycled cars

Recycled VMW cars.
Recycled cars VMW.   It's a work of art put on exhibit in someone's front yard.  These materials that most likely would have ended up in a landfill. 
Cars especial VMW's parts can be salvaged.  Than sent to a salvage yard and taken apart.  By reusing these parts instead of buying news saves money for any car owner.   These are the best of two options.  One is to reuse the parts or the other is by displaying as a piece of art.  Both seem to fill the essential need for recycling green. 
An Artist in his own useful self is saving the planet; by finding ways to remake use of discarded cars into something of art.   This is creativity at it's best,
Just another good idea for a recyclable car but there are many more materials; that can be artistically
used within any piece of art.  It just takes an artist imagination to think up a inspiring
creations.   Just keep a look out. You might come across one.
Find a salvage yard for car parts or maybe a piece of art.