Little Free Library recyling books.

Recycle books the Little Free Library. 
Wrote about these communities that have put up in their yards "Little Free Library".  That anyone can take books out and return them free of charge.

What they do is put up a container in different styles of houses, train cabooses and a wooden library made by a cabinetmaker. 
Barker started his to honor his wife.  He is avid book collector that's when he came up with this idea when he read an article about setting up a free library in his community.
In his miniature library house containers provide several book shelves. 
Some of his Books are both fiction and non fiction.  This is a great way for recycling books and providing reading materials for the small rural communities that do not have
any excess to a public library.  
It also recycles Books that other wise would sit on shelves. Their getting read by
all sorts of people who other wise wouldn't have the resources to purchase these books.  
By Barker keeping these books in circulations makes for one good recyclers program that keeps on giving.  This is such a good idea for any community.  Some include
children's books as well.  There seems to be encouraging reading for all walks of life.
This is a good thing.  He also mentioned about being able to meet his neighbors through these libraries.  

Maps and Globes (Reading Rainbow Book)
It helps the children as well.
Wouldn't it be a good idea for you to set up one.  Just a thought.

Recycle musical Instruments programs.

School programs donate used instruments.
Recycle musical Instruments.  Donate to local schools in your area used or new instruments.  Most programs are in your have local instrument donation programs set
up in school music classes.  They have band in most of the schools.  Program is aimed
for children from low income families; who do not have the finances to support the music programs fees.

These programs will put to good use those unused instruments.  While giving them to children who other wise would not be able to join the school band.  It will also
recycle them to good use.  Playing and learning how to play a musical instrument
may help children stay out of trouble.  So if you have an instrument it would be
very helpful to donate it to a good program.  Than it can be recycled over and over again.
Most local school systems will have a day scheduled for collecting musical instruments.  So donate any instruments that will go to a good cause.
I thank you and so do the children..