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GoodWill industries locations through out the state of Wisconsin. All electronics are excepted. Through a partnership with Dell excepts computer hard drives. This provides added funds for the GoodWill nonprofit organization.
NonProfit for shopping, donating items, fashion and used home furnishings.


Best Buy will take electronics to recycle.
Your local city will have recycle sites for you to drop them off at. First call and find out, what they will except of electronic items?

Habitat Re Store in your local city areas after January 3rd.
Recyclers reuse these parts for other new electronics.
Thank you for doing the right thing by recycling creates a better tomorrow.

Rubber in Longfield, Longfield Rubber - Search for a Rubber in Longfield from whats-where.co.uk

Rubber in Longfield, Longfield Rubber - Search for a Rubber in Longfield from whats-where.co.uk

Bicycle Safety is recycles green.

Bicycle Safety is recycles green.

The one and only Ferrari Bicycle CX-10, with exceptional safety design and performance. Hi-Tech Aluminum frame, Fe-C Alloy Fork, and Sport Style Handlebars. This bike has Front V-Brake (Caliper Style) and Rear Coaster Brake. Comes with great accessories including Wheel Race Panel, Race Flag, Chain Protector, Rear Mudguard, and Training Wheels. Outstanding red bike for children 3-5 years with 12" rim wheels. The perfect first bike!

Safety Helmets for both adults and kids.
* Use pads for both knees and elbows.
* Get safety training wheels.
* Show your children the safety rules for riding a bike.
* Make sure you test them before they take to the streets.
* Use reflective clothing for night riding.
* Caution:
When riding on rural roads in the country which usually have no street lighting. I suggest riding towards the on coming traffic because you can see the cars in front of you. This gives you the ability to get out of the way in case of avoiding being hit. Even walking I would walk towards the traffic in order to see on coming cars. Just to be on the safe side.

This is what America should be about...People. I am so glad to see a blog dedicated to helping others and the environment. I'm starting to see more "green" in the world and it is a blessing. Thanks to more like the author of this blog.Keep up the great work and hopefully your work will become contagious.Kevin at EZ Money Online on
In local cities there are bicycle shops that will take bicycle parts for used bikes.
Check your local area for these shops.

Riding bikes is a very ego friendly to the environment. It could be a family
sport riding to the ice cream shop or going to the store.
No car required or gas how eco friendly is that?

Plants recycles green.

Plants recycles green.
When your redoing a new landscape for your yard. Recycle those older plants, trees, scrubs and other yard materials. Put a sign out front beside the plants saying free for the taking. Your saving a tree or brush. This will save you from hauling them to the landfills. I am sure someone out there would appreciate a free plant for their yards. No waste, plus it will save you from hauling it away.
Discarded Picnic tables or outside grills even lawn chairs.
Someone Else's trash is someones treasure.

Apple recycling program.

Apple reycling program.
Send Apple your old computers Mac Or PC if they find it has monetary value
, they will apply it towards an Apple Gift Card.
If it doesn't they will just recycle it for you.

Mail your old ipod or any mobile phone by mail free.
You can bring it to any Apple Retailer Store for an added 10% off on a new one.

Either way its a good thing to recycle. thanks for recycling.

Recycle your holiday decorations.

Recycle your holiday decorations.  These are some of the items to recycle.  Ornaments, gift wrapping paper, card board boxes and lights, trees.  Most items that are made of plastic,
glass, cardboard and discarded clothing. 
Tennis shoes can be recycled also.  They can be used for tennis courts.
Tires can be recycled for the rubber. Rubber can be used for play grounds gym sets.
Items made out of wood and old toys.
There are a lot of materials that can be recycled in your areas.
Used cars can be sent to non profit for boys.