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Recycle for businesses and apartment complexes.

Recycle for businesses and apartment complexes.  Communities need to all recycle their trash.
Everyone should contribute to all recycling programs.  This illuminates landfills and trash within these communities.  There are programs for all sectors businesses, apartment complexes and homeowners
communities.  This helps the environment by recycling trash instead of doing nothing.
It will leave room for the future of our natural resources. Preservation serves our natural resources for the future.  Just by each one of us doing our part will make for a better tomorrow.

Apple recycling program get a free gift card.

Apple recycling program get a free gift card.  Get a free gift card for the value of your old computer.  Recycle your old computer for a brand new mac, ipod, iphone or ipad.  It doesn't matter if the PC is working they will take it to determine if it qualifies for reuse.
If it does than the computer has monetary value that will be applied towards an Apple gift card.
If it doesn't qualify.  Than they will recycle it at no cost.
Mac or PC desktops or notebook computers qualify for the apple recycling program.
Go to their website for further information on,How to get your gift card.

Bicycling saves on gas consumption.

a Dutch utility bicycle with a bicycle luggage...Image via Wikipedia
Bicycling saves on gas consumption.   The use of a car exhaust emissions.  Highways less congested.
Need I mention all the other saving of the environmental positives.
Riding your bike is a good thing..

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Natural baby diapers recycles green.

Natural baby diapers recycles green.

RG Natural Babies diaper business.
RG Natural Babies diaper business. The business now has other product lines items baby shoes, diaper pail liners, organic crib mattresses and bady clothing. This is a green natural diaper line of product.
For further information on their products go to their website.

Lets help keep diapers from our landfills by using natural baby diapers.

Hanging out your cloths on a cloths line is very ecgo friendly.

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Rubik's cube program join. Kids are getting together in teams of competition in different regions of the country. Working in these teams. They call it team cubing. There are two major cube competitions this year being held in England scheduled for Oct.16 and the other is in Washington, D.C., on Oct.23-24.

Rubik cube puzzle solved on video.

Rubik cube puzzle solved on video. Cube requires skill in solving this puzzle. No batteries required.

Bicycles Training wheels for kids.

Gyro bike bicycles training wheels for kids.  Gyro bike company makes these training wheels for this working from home Internet business.  Customers email in their orders or call to find out about the product line.  They are on call 24/7 even when their on  sick leave.
Self employed must go that extra mile by carrying at all timers their two cell phones alone with a pager.
New technologies have enable them to address those calls that require answering whether a sleep
or sick. 
Their putting in that extra effort in order to sell their products hands on.
Customers appreciate this kind of service instead of an answering machine.
It takes this kind of effort to build a solid business.
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Teens shoveling snow for free.

Teens shoveling snow for free. In our state of Wisconsin young kids up to teens have been going out shoveling for free out of the goodness of their hearts.  It was on channel 6 Fox news report that these young teens were shoveling sidewalks for those who couldn't.
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