Recycle bicycles parts.

Recycle a bicycles. Bicycle parts and miscellaneous tools for fixing them. This is a great idea for your community to donate their used bicycles. Than recycle them by giving them to the children who complete the program. 

Bike red blinker for the back or front usage.  If you live in the country were there are no sidewalks.  You could use this light for warning on coming cars.  Have your children always walk toward  the cars so they can see them coming.  This will give them time to get to safety.
 "Earn a Bike Program" for children in grades 5-8.   
Than high school students will be employed to train and teach the elementary and middle school students participating in the after school programs giving instructions on, how to maintain their bicycles?

By completing the safety course and doing community service along with submission of a book report. Students completing the program will also get a helmet and lock for their bikes. 
This such a great idea for any community in helping a child obtain their first bike but teaching them the safety rules and showing them how to maintain it. There are a lot of children out there that parents can't afford to buy their kid a bike.   But with earning a bike program helps these parents.  

 For further information on this program that was started in our community you can call (262) 595-2651 or send a email to 

This program was offered through our unified after school program. The host for the program is the Root River Environmental Educational center"Recycle a bicycle drive. Donating bikes program sponsors AmeriCorps Vista Volunteers. This is a good thing.
Recycle bicycle tires get $5 gift card.

Recycled christmas trees.

Recycled Christmas trees. Most local cities provide residence to drop off their trees at recycled centers.  Than after a certain date they can go to any recycle center for free mulch created by the trees.
the Christmas Miracle.
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey with CD: Gift Edition

By recycling trees will prevent them from filling up the landfills.