Our oceans are turning into garbage dumps.

Our oceans are turning into garbage dumps. Floating plastic grocery bags and plastic bottles even glass ones.
These articles and others atmospherics chemicals have cause the raise of dead zones.
Their starting to ban plastic bags around the country at different retail and grocery stores.
Recommending the use of bags made out of natural materials that can be reusable.

for further information contact:
Ocean Conservancy:
Natural History magazine:

Recycle green tips.

Recycle green tip bits can help you daily in your efforts. You will continual be able to help our environmental problems.

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Recycling aluminum siding.

Recycle your old aluminum siding when replacing it with new. Why you may ask?
Because you can make some money plus off set the added replacement costs.
Some times just hiring a contractor can cut a lot of cost. If you help team up with the contractor he instructs while you help with the installation.

These two options should save you a lot of up front installatlon costs.
Before hiring a contractor drive around your community and find a house that hai recently been sided. Check with the owner to find out the name of the contractor.
This is finding out first hand about a contractors references.

Recycling plastic bottle caps.

Recycling plastic bottle caps. they can become a safety risk at the recycling process facilities. Bottles caps, lids and tops are not make out of the same plastic materials as the bottles or cans.
It's a good idea to separate the tops from bottles because of the danger for the recycle workers they could explode when the temperatures increases during the recycling processing.
Warning unscrew all caps and recycle separately. This will make it a lot safer for the workers and plastic materials being recycled.
Do this for all containers with lids,caps, and tops.
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