Cash back traded cells.

Don't just through out those old used electronics get cash instead.
You can now sell back for cash cell mobile phones.
Find out more on how?  Tips for cash trade ins.
Most people just throw their electronics away in the garbage.
When they could get cash for them.   Recycle those old cells
than trade them in for new ones.
Don't toss those old used cells get cash back.
Go to the following website for more information.

Recycled rubber tires.

Swings made from recycled rubber tires. Swings that are made from recycled tires have been
around for a long time. These swings can be found at target or other retailers.
Wildlife creations international Inc. make a total of thirteen different styles to choose, from
airplanes to rocking horses you can find them online.
Swings made from recycled rubber tires.
They keep this material from getting into our landfills.
This is a good thing.
recycle rubber made into a swing.

VMW recycled cars

Recycled VMW cars.
Recycled cars VMW.   It's a work of art put on exhibit in someone's front yard.  These materials that most likely would have ended up in a landfill. 
Cars especial VMW's parts can be salvaged.  Than sent to a salvage yard and taken apart.  By reusing these parts instead of buying news saves money for any car owner.   These are the best of two options.  One is to reuse the parts or the other is by displaying as a piece of art.  Both seem to fill the essential need for recycling green. 
An Artist in his own useful self is saving the planet; by finding ways to remake use of discarded cars into something of art.   This is creativity at it's best,
Just another good idea for a recyclable car but there are many more materials; that can be artistically
used within any piece of art.  It just takes an artist imagination to think up a inspiring
creations.   Just keep a look out. You might come across one.
Find a salvage yard for car parts or maybe a piece of art.

Lunch Boxes are ego friendly.

Kids lunch boxes are ego friendly.  By using Wrap-N-Mats are made out of fabric plastic like material used for wrapping sandwiches.  It also doubles used as a place mate.  The plastic is food degradable.
Schools were there are no hot lunches or you do not qualify lunch boxes are considered eco friendly.  Green is the way to go for reusable containers that can be cleaned and used over again.  They replace the paper bags. 
Here are some suggested containers that are reusable.
Lunch boxes
Thermos bottles that can be used for hot or cold beverages. 
Plastic Tupper Ware reusable sandwich containers.
Glass is not advisable use for children's lunches due to breakage.
These lunch containers replace the useage of paper brown bags.

Lunch boxes for both girl and boy variety of styles to choose from.

Lunch Boxes recipes for kids.
Best Lunch Box Ever is full of recipes, ideas, and strategies for packing creative and healthful lunches for kids, solving what is for many parents the most taxing of daily chores. Kids will love the scrumptiousness, while busy moms and dads will appreciate the quick and simple solutions for whole family.

Cash for used cell phones or trade in.

AT&T Trade in Program for cell phones,tables,and netbooks.
AT&T trade in program for used cell phones,
tablets, and networks.  Get an AT&T Gift Card or
donate your credit to Phones for Soldiers.

Support our Military Troops.
by donating your credit Gift Card.
They will appreciate the support.

Today show in New York is going recyling programs.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
The Today Show reports on the New York is going recycling programs. New York contracts out their Garbage at a very high cost but when the city starts recycling program it will benefit more plus make money from these materials that have other wise been dumped into landfills that costs the taxpayers millions to do. Recycling garbage will amount to a large savings and gaining monies for these discarded items.
In my local city our mayor claimed it wasn't worth it recyle for our city. He stated that it costs to much for the program and doesn't financial help the city taxpayers.
Who is right in this recycling programs? 
Just keep filling these landfills at a high cost to the taxpayers or reycling and make a profit from these items that other wise would be deposited into contracted landfills. This is an easy answer recycling benefits everyone . It also employs local citizen's who need a job.

News carriers who deliver your daily newspaper.

News carriers who deliver your daily newspaper.   Paper boys are now called news carriers.  Did you know
that they have to be paid for all their supplies like rubber bands, plastic covers for when it rains and also
their own car insurance plus payments.  These can be high cost items during a years time.  It all adds up
at the end of the years.
It would be considerate of you as a customer to show your
appreciation to save these items in to give back to the news carriers
so they won't have to buy them again and again.   
This is what is called good recyclers.  So start saving these plastic bags used to care your newspapers from getting wet or snowed on.
Include those rubber bands.  

Save these items for your carrier.
Plastic bags
rubber bands

I thank you but they will to.  This shows them that you appreciate
them delivering your newspapers daily come rain or shine.

Make money from recycling bio fuels obtained from restaurants

For more information go to Blue Honey bio fuels.

This company collects bio fuels or better known as cooking oils used in restaurants on a daily basis.  When these cooking oils are disposed of ending up in a landfill.  
Now this new company will pickup and pay the owners of these restaurants to save in their containers their used cooking oils.
They will pay them also.  
This is an easy way for any restaurant owners to make money while
recycling these bio fuels from their cooking oils.
Now we are able to recycle these fuels.  
Find out more about this website.  Check it out to see if your state is participant in the compane for recycling these bio fuels.
Make money in the process.Blue honey bio fuels.

Little Free Library recyling books.

Recycle books the Little Free Library. 
Wrote about these communities that have put up in their yards "Little Free Library".  That anyone can take books out and return them free of charge.

What they do is put up a container in different styles of houses, train cabooses and a wooden library made by a cabinetmaker. 
Barker started his to honor his wife.  He is avid book collector that's when he came up with this idea when he read an article about setting up a free library in his community.
In his miniature library house containers provide several book shelves. 
Some of his Books are both fiction and non fiction.  This is a great way for recycling books and providing reading materials for the small rural communities that do not have
any excess to a public library.  
It also recycles Books that other wise would sit on shelves. Their getting read by
all sorts of people who other wise wouldn't have the resources to purchase these books.  
By Barker keeping these books in circulations makes for one good recyclers program that keeps on giving.  This is such a good idea for any community.  Some include
children's books as well.  There seems to be encouraging reading for all walks of life.
This is a good thing.  He also mentioned about being able to meet his neighbors through these libraries.  

Maps and Globes (Reading Rainbow Book)
It helps the children as well.
Wouldn't it be a good idea for you to set up one.  Just a thought.

Recycle musical Instruments programs.

School programs donate used instruments.
Recycle musical Instruments.  Donate to local schools in your area used or new instruments.  Most programs are in your have local instrument donation programs set
up in school music classes.  They have band in most of the schools.  Program is aimed
for children from low income families; who do not have the finances to support the music programs fees.

These programs will put to good use those unused instruments.  While giving them to children who other wise would not be able to join the school band.  It will also
recycle them to good use.  Playing and learning how to play a musical instrument
may help children stay out of trouble.  So if you have an instrument it would be
very helpful to donate it to a good program.  Than it can be recycled over and over again.
Most local school systems will have a day scheduled for collecting musical instruments.  So donate any instruments that will go to a good cause.
I thank you and so do the children..

Recycle bicycles parts.

Recycle a bicycles. Bicycle parts and miscellaneous tools for fixing them. This is a great idea for your community to donate their used bicycles. Than recycle them by giving them to the children who complete the program. 

Bike red blinker for the back or front usage.  If you live in the country were there are no sidewalks.  You could use this light for warning on coming cars.  Have your children always walk toward  the cars so they can see them coming.  This will give them time to get to safety.
 "Earn a Bike Program" for children in grades 5-8.   
Than high school students will be employed to train and teach the elementary and middle school students participating in the after school programs giving instructions on, how to maintain their bicycles?

By completing the safety course and doing community service along with submission of a book report. Students completing the program will also get a helmet and lock for their bikes. 
This such a great idea for any community in helping a child obtain their first bike but teaching them the safety rules and showing them how to maintain it. There are a lot of children out there that parents can't afford to buy their kid a bike.   But with earning a bike program helps these parents.  

 For further information on this program that was started in our community you can call (262) 595-2651 or send a email to 

This program was offered through our unified after school program. The host for the program is the Root River Environmental Educational center"Recycle a bicycle drive. Donating bikes program sponsors AmeriCorps Vista Volunteers. This is a good thing.
Recycle bicycle tires get $5 gift card.

Recycled christmas trees.

Recycled Christmas trees. Most local cities provide residence to drop off their trees at recycled centers.  Than after a certain date they can go to any recycle center for free mulch created by the trees.
the Christmas Miracle.
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey with CD: Gift Edition

By recycling trees will prevent them from filling up the landfills.