Frosty the snow man.

Snow man are easy to build and their free to put in front of your house.
No electricity is required nor batteries to operate it. All that is needed is two hands and
rolling small snowballs into large ones. It will only take about an hour of your time.

Maybe include some kids in the neighbourhood to help build him or her.
The rest is up to you. You never know it just might turn out to be a fun activity the whole family and friends will enjoy. Is this an environmental project and the saving energy.
I think so.

I'll be looking out for all those snow man or her.

If you do get your kids those battery operated games. Why don't you invest in some rechargeable batteries? That will pay for itself in the long run. Also it will save you on gas
going to the store to buy them. WOW!

Shamwow replaces paper towels.

Shamwow replaces paper towels. This is another way to save on our trees.

Shamwow replaces paper towels.

Shamwow replaces paper towels. This is another way to save on our trees.
These towels are suppose to last for 10 years also their washable.
It can't get better than that.

Flat screen plasma vs lCD tvs.

Flat screen plasma tvs or Liquid Crystal Display tvs.
Which of these tvs models is more energy efficient.
Check if these two models are consider green in the eco environmental energy saving
The Plasma is considered by the non profit Electric Power Research Institute according to spokes person Tom Reddoch high in power usage.
The US Environmental Protection Agency LCD sets consume twice the amount of watts while the Plasma uses five times the watts of electriciy. It depends a lot on the size of the models screens.
Projection tvs show the lowest amount of energy usage than all the models.
In November of 2008 the us governement will start rewarding the most energy efficient new TV sets with a Energy Star labels. That will bear them must operate 30%
more eletrical efficience with their tv models.
You can still keep your old tv and just get a box converter before February 2009.
Remember by replaceing a good tv for a new model creates more pollution from disposimg of those toxic waste material that will evidently end up in a recycle junk dump yard. So if it doesn't need fixing than why dump it? Just invest in a new.
Contact information:
US Enivornmental Protection Agency
Energy Star:
Energy Power Research Institute
Sony Corp.:

Ocean is a floating dumping yard.

The Oceans are a floating dumping yard.
The Gulf of Mexico is referred by the Ocean Conservancy as a dead zone.
Mississippi River is a draining gallons of depreid into the Gulf of Mexico.

Refurbished computers are reusable.

Refurbished computer. Used computers a bargain basement prices.
By reusing these computers saves them from being taken apart for their materials.
Less energy consumption is used by not rebuilding them from scratch.
Is save the consumer money by buying it second hand.
Apple's operating systems will run on these older computer not so with windows systems.
When acquiring any type of computer it depends on what the reasons
your going to use it for? It just depends on your computer needs.
Sometimes its a good idea to get a used computer until you learn how to operate one.
Getting hands on experience will help you proguess to the more advance models.
You may have some younger children and could be used by them until they are more
experienced in using them. Besides kids sometimes get a little out of lack for use.