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Organic Farming.
Bio diesel fuel made out of mustard seed.
Processing the seed into oil takes a long time which processes a small amount of oil.
They must speed up the processing for it to take less time.
mustard seed is turned into liquid oil that will be substitute for fueling farmers machinery.
In processing this oil takes a long amount of time process amount of quantity.
Stanton Berry Farm grows organic strawberries through experimental processing.
they are using mustard waste materials as a natural bug resistant effort.

Sierra Club got a question for Mr. Green.

hey mr. green we got a question.

The guy who has been tackling peoples Green Living Questions is Bob Schildgen.
Bob has spindled a lot of common sense to his questions answered.
He has a large following in the Sierra Magazine column
He is one of the editors of the Sierra Club. He has gone out of his way to find answers.
Researching those environmental friendly solutions to peoples questions.
Searching for answers is no easy task.
Topics of all sorts he has been able to answer but not without looking it up in several
places. He not only looks the answers up but puts them to the test.
Testing can be done by his creating a garden in his backyard or planting a certain
plant to see, what kinds of weather effects it?
Boiling water to see which is more economical either to use gas or electric to heat the water. Which one is cost effective? Than there are questions that can be categories as off the wall or just impossible to answer.