Today show in New York is going recyling programs.

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The Today Show reports on the New York is going recycling programs. New York contracts out their Garbage at a very high cost but when the city starts recycling program it will benefit more plus make money from these materials that have other wise been dumped into landfills that costs the taxpayers millions to do. Recycling garbage will amount to a large savings and gaining monies for these discarded items.
In my local city our mayor claimed it wasn't worth it recyle for our city. He stated that it costs to much for the program and doesn't financial help the city taxpayers.
Who is right in this recycling programs? 
Just keep filling these landfills at a high cost to the taxpayers or reycling and make a profit from these items that other wise would be deposited into contracted landfills. This is an easy answer recycling benefits everyone . It also employs local citizen's who need a job.

News carriers who deliver your daily newspaper.

News carriers who deliver your daily newspaper.   Paper boys are now called news carriers.  Did you know
that they have to be paid for all their supplies like rubber bands, plastic covers for when it rains and also
their own car insurance plus payments.  These can be high cost items during a years time.  It all adds up
at the end of the years.
It would be considerate of you as a customer to show your
appreciation to save these items in to give back to the news carriers
so they won't have to buy them again and again.   
This is what is called good recyclers.  So start saving these plastic bags used to care your newspapers from getting wet or snowed on.
Include those rubber bands.  

Save these items for your carrier.
Plastic bags
rubber bands

I thank you but they will to.  This shows them that you appreciate
them delivering your newspapers daily come rain or shine.

Make money from recycling bio fuels obtained from restaurants

For more information go to Blue Honey bio fuels.

This company collects bio fuels or better known as cooking oils used in restaurants on a daily basis.  When these cooking oils are disposed of ending up in a landfill.  
Now this new company will pickup and pay the owners of these restaurants to save in their containers their used cooking oils.
They will pay them also.  
This is an easy way for any restaurant owners to make money while
recycling these bio fuels from their cooking oils.
Now we are able to recycle these fuels.  
Find out more about this website.  Check it out to see if your state is participant in the compane for recycling these bio fuels.
Make money in the process.Blue honey bio fuels.