Put pedal to the power.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike.

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Put pedal to the power. Kids or family members don't have to be driven all over using up most of your gas consumption. Hey given a bicycle and protective gear like a bike helmet and knee protectors and away we go.
Hello! I used to ride my bike to school in the mornings. my school provided a bicycle enclosure for when it rained or snowed. I didn't feel neglected because my parents didn't drive me or my siblings either. We enjoyed taking our bikes to school.
During the weekends getting on my bike and taking off to parts unknown in my neighborhood. It was freedom to explore and have fun ridding with my friends.
We would go to the play grounds or just hang out with each other. Getting exercise outside fresh air all of these are free no gas needed. Go figure. Kids don't know how to have fun without batteries included or setting in front of the tv tube all day long. They don't know what their missing out on.
Even when I had to walk to school it was fun. Calling on my friend on the way.
Talking just about anything.
This was a time when having a bag full of marbles made me a very important person in the school play ground. Yes, that is why every other day I would go to the grocery store to get you guessed it more marbles. You were considered a very important person.

The class spelling buzzes that the teacher held teams were relaying on you to not to miss spell a word. Hey, I studied those spelling lists. I am no fool it was a team effort to win.

Summer time was any other traveling around with your bike. The play grounds always held a doll buggy parade which they gave you cray paper to decorate your bikes, wagons and oh yes buggies. The parades were great fun people would watch you ride your decorated bikes what fun. I haven' seen a doll buggy parade in years.

Winter was no different the ice rinks were crowed and kids skated until the lights went out at 10 O'clock each night. I know because I was on the ice all day until the rink closed. I even skated in the street to and from the rink until one of my friends told me it ruined my blades. That was the Christmas that i got my first pair of skates.

Wrap vintage lights on a bike or little red wagon try these string of lights.
Solar powered strands of colorful string of lights can dress up any holiday season.
These can add glize to any old country decor by stringing lights to vintage bikes or wagons. Bicycle string of solar lights.

Kindle 2 reader new from Amazon.

Kindle 2 reader new from Amazon.

Amazon Kindle reader on cell phones.

Amazon has annouced they are soon going to be offering books on mobile cell phones.

Recycle your hangers.

Recycle your hangers. You can take them to a near by dry cleaners or put them in the recycle bag or can even put them in good will or sale them in a rummage sale.
If you have little children teach them while their still young. Have each can a different color for the soda bottles or cans, another color for paper and so on.
This will help not only for the child to learn his colors but to know were these recyclables items need to be put. You could make it a game out of recycling.
Put each name on a chart and the one who has recycled the most items correctly will get rewarded. The rewards can be going to the park or playing catch it doesn't have to be money. Each to they do this give them a sticker to put onto the chart.
What fun this can be but in the same manner teaches your child how important it is for everyone to recycle.