Rubik's cube program join. Kids are getting together in teams of competition in different regions of the country. Working in these teams. They call it team cubing. There are two major cube competitions this year being held in England scheduled for Oct.16 and the other is in Washington, D.C., on Oct.23-24.

Rubik cube puzzle solved on video.

Rubik cube puzzle solved on video. Cube requires skill in solving this puzzle. No batteries required.

Bicycles Training wheels for kids.

Gyro bike bicycles training wheels for kids.  Gyro bike company makes these training wheels for this working from home Internet business.  Customers email in their orders or call to find out about the product line.  They are on call 24/7 even when their on  sick leave.
Self employed must go that extra mile by carrying at all timers their two cell phones alone with a pager.
New technologies have enable them to address those calls that require answering whether a sleep
or sick. 
Their putting in that extra effort in order to sell their products hands on.
Customers appreciate this kind of service instead of an answering machine.
It takes this kind of effort to build a solid business.
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