Clay pots need to be cleaned.

Clay pots need to be cleaned before spring planting. Clay pots need to be washed and scrubbed with bleach and rinsed in water before replanting flowers. Let them dry in the sun.
The discarded old soil from the pots can be recycled and thrown into a compost pile or used in your flower beds.
During the winter months store the clay pots in a dry area like the garage so they won't crack during the first frost.
If the clay pots get cracked brake them up and use them to provide drainage for your plants. Put the pieces at the bottom of the pot and cover with soil.
You should have healthy flowers spouting up out of your clay pots.

adults discovery free physical activity.

Adults between the ages of 30 up to 60 are partcipating in the exercise program. Program sponsors for a set fee physical actiavities are dodgeball, floor hockey, scatterball, wiffleball, kickball, dodgeball and spider ball with some frisbee throughs. These games were played in the Old School Physical Ed programs.
The program lasts two hours exercising by rotateing the games. Every week the teens are doing something different.
Union Grove's physical ed program is modeled after the Old School House Program in New Port New Hampsire.
It's a good way to meet people while getting exercise at eh the same time.
The groups are made up of adults and teens who get together utilizing elementary school gyms.
The program was modeled after the website see for further information on setting up your own program. There are fees involved to cover expenses and hiring a physical educational teacher to select commissioners to handle the games and instructions.