collapsing geography: new blog

collapsing geography: new blog

Green generation of kids.

Green generation of kids. kids are going green by getting their parents to participate in saving the planet. Most of them know that their parents need their
help in paying attention to every kind of wasted items or products.

Green recycling is a global issue and concern for the future of planet earth.
Their are banners available to stick on your bumpers or other unrestricted areas.

One such banner says drive 55 mph will slow down global warming. This banner encourages families to buy those hybrid automobiles.

Their bringing attention to energy efficient appliances. Even parents are listening more to their kids, one such father when he was adding an addition to his house. His son recommended high performing insulation that now saves him on his energy bills. It really does pay to listen.

* Compact fluorescent light bulbs save big on electric.
* Rain barrels collect water for reuse in watering gardens and flower beds.
* Recycling cabinets from a housing project along with other items.
* Buying appliances for your house that are tagged with an Energy savings on the
* Saving the trees by eliminating paper items either used for cleaning or purchasing
magazines which a lot of times end up in landfills.
* Having recycling containers that are marked or colored to hold items such as
bottles both plastic and glass. Soda cans and bottles. Make sure you remove their
* Plants also can be recycled from anyone yard and put out for someone to take for
* Almost anything can be recycled if you really think about it.

Eco Friendly websites for kids.

American the Beautiful Fund
this website offers kids free flower and vegetable seeds for community planting projects.
The only cost is for shipping and handling.