Gift wrappings.

Did you know? That most of your gift wrapping paper dyes and chemicals are not enivornmentally safe.
Here are some websites that have enivornmental friendly green eco gift wrappings available.

Made from recycled paper with vegetable based ink prints on a blend of hemp.
(Priced two sheets for $5.)
Made from tree barkings natural sheddings, the sheets have fabric like vibrant quality.
(Priced two sheets for $6.)
These reusable pouches are made from fancy fabric that come with an attached ribbon tie.
(Prices start at $4.49 up to $13.49)
Additional toppings:
Natural cotton Ribbon made from 100% biogradable.
Bundles holly berries, pinecones and even poinsettias.
(Priced at $4.99 for 10 yards of ribbon.)
Gift name tags:
They are made from biodegradable paper gift tags.
These come in three forms a tree, dove or star made from wildflower seeds,
that can be planted. You get free wildflower seeds for planting, not a bad idea.
(Priced $7.95 per dozen.)
* Used the classified ads (small type forms a pattern.) or comic strip for gift wrappings
* Fabic is a good gift wrapping.