Plants recycles green.

Plants recycles green.
When your redoing a new landscape for your yard. Recycle those older plants, trees, scrubs and other yard materials. Put a sign out front beside the plants saying free for the taking. Your saving a tree or brush. This will save you from hauling them to the landfills. I am sure someone out there would appreciate a free plant for their yards. No waste, plus it will save you from hauling it away.
Discarded Picnic tables or outside grills even lawn chairs.
Someone Else's trash is someones treasure.

Apple recycling program.

Apple reycling program.
Send Apple your old computers Mac Or PC if they find it has monetary value
, they will apply it towards an Apple Gift Card.
If it doesn't they will just recycle it for you.

Mail your old ipod or any mobile phone by mail free.
You can bring it to any Apple Retailer Store for an added 10% off on a new one.

Either way its a good thing to recycle. thanks for recycling.