New York is cloning their historical trees.

New York City is cloning some of their historical trees. In New York's Central Park Cherry Hill a 100 year old European Beech tree is among one of the twenty five selected to be cloned. Cloning will produce a generically identical tree but not necessarily shape or form.

These have been specially selected to be cloned. They are a part of the plan to add a million new trees to New York's public spaces over the next decade.

The genetics saplings that were snipped off sections of new growth from the branches of the tree by agriculture students from Queens High School. There than sent to eastern Oregon Science tree nursery the genetics saplings will be returned in two years for replanting.

This is part of a project called Million Trees NYC.

One of the most historical important tree is one of the cities oldest the St. Nicholas Elm located in upper Manhattan, it is said that George Washington was to have walked under this tree 250 years ago during the American revolutionary war.

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