Recycle bicycles and parts.

Recycle a bicycles, bicycle parts and miscellaneous tools for fixing them.
This is a great idea for your community to donate their used bicycles.
Than recycle them by giving them to the children who complete the program.
Earn a Bike Program for children in grades 5-8.

Than high school students will be employed to train and teach the elementary and middle school students participating in the after school programs giving instructions on, how to maintain their bicycles, completing safety course and doing community service along with submission of a book report.

Students completing the program will also get a helmet and lock for their bikes.
This such a great idea for any community in helping a child obtain their first bike
but teaching them the safety rules and showing them how to maintain it.

There are a lot of children out there that parents can't afford to buy their kid a bike. But with this earn a bike program helps these parents earn that bike.

For further information on this program that was started in our community
you can call (262) 595-2651 or send a email to
This program was offered through our unified after school program.
The host for the program is the Root River Environmental Educational center"Recycle a bicycle drive.

Donating bikes program sponsors AmeriCorps Vista Volunteers.
This is a good thing.

Recycle Boom! Boom!

Recycle the noise can be another environmental hazard.

Southern Vermont Orchards apparently there has been alot of booming.
Hails storms have devastated the apple crops for four years at a total
financial lost of $600,000.
The owner had no alterative but to purchase a $40,000. hail cannon
whose sound waves disrupt the formation of hailstones.
Hail causes scaring and can ruin the fruit or damage the fruit trees.
These remedies date back centuries historical.
The cannon is solar powered and is ignited by a spark plug. It can be activated by
a cell phone when hailstorms are for casted or approaching. It fires a blast every
six seconds up to 30 minutes at a time.
Does it work? Yes 100% percent.
The orchard manager has surrounded the cannon with straw to deter the noise.
Because the booms resident 45-decibel which is alot of boom for the buck.
but there is an old ordinance that protects the cannon under the Vermont's
right to farm.
Booms are vibrating the whole area around the valley.
Some residents have complained about the booms so he has discontinued them for the rest of the summer.
The farmer seems to be caught between an apple and a hard core.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Farmers aid need our help for the green.

Farm aid needs our help. Willie Nelson foundation will send $30,000 to different non profit groups that participate in helping farmers families in the Texas devastated areas that
were hit by hurricanes Ike and Gustav.

Native Texan Willie Nelson is sending $7500 grants to these designated agencies.
*** the Lutheran Social Services of the South.
*** the Southern Mutual Help Association
*** the Louisiana InterChurch Conference
*** the Federation of Southern Cooperatives.

Farm Aid Concert this years event will be held on September 20th in New England.
so plan to attend it would be greatly appreciated by the farmers families who need
your support. Farm Aid based in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Thanks for donating to a most needed cause the farmers.

TV's labeled green by consumers.

Green consumers recommend the liquid Crystal Display models use less energy than other
typical models. Projection TV models are considered the most energy efficient using 150 to 200 watts of electricity.
Some plasma TVs newest models don't turn off but go into a standby mode. T his in ables them to
start up faster with no warm up required.