Water bottles by the case.

Buy a case of your favorite water.   Than when all the bottles are empty.   Than reuse them for refilling all 24 bottles with filtered water.  Big saving at the vending machine bottle water that will cost you
$1.00 per purchase.   
The savings is  a grand total of $24.00.  Re washing the water plastic bottles repeat the same procedures.
Who knew kajing.
Another great savings is taking a thermos of home made coffee.   I watched as many college students
were at the vending machine for their $1.00 small cup of coffee.   Most of the time the cup never made
it to the pouring of the coffee.   The coffee never made into the cup.   No out of order was ever found posted on the machine.   
Fellow students would laugh about my thermos but who is the joke on?

Another kajing.
College student gift that keeps on saving is a nice thermos for hot or cold drinks.   
Soda is included.
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